6 Common Mistakes While Applying for a Job.

It is often said that searching for a job is a job in itself. One needs to put in as much time, research and commitment as one would in any real job. Perhaps this days it is possible to cut down on the time element because one can look for a job on online sites such as jooble. However,the mental preparation one puts in an internet job search should be as much as for a job search conducted on the ground.

Ignoring the directions given

This is a very common problem, perhaps because it is almost always attributable to forgetfulness, which is common to all human beings. It manifests in a number of ways.
1) Failing to attach the necessary documents;
2) Leaving some fields of the application blank; and
3) submitting an application after the deadline.
The way to beat this problem is to read the instructions a couple of times and to have a checklist at the end so that you are able to tell what you have not done.

Giving Incorrect information

A job application should reflect the truth about an applicant. Some applicants lie by including a qualification they do not possess, or by changing some personal details, for instance writing single when one is married. This is problematic and it always comes back to haunt the applicant because even if they get the job, it is a job that will not suit them.

Failing to prepare for interviews

Successful applications are often followed by interviews. Job seekers who apply for a job and then fail to prepare for the interview by polishing up on their knowledge of the professional aspects of the job as well as on the company come across as unprepared and unsuitable for a job.

Underselling/Overselling yourself

When one applies for a job, one should ensure that their resume is tailored to the job. Don’t be shy to put all your qualifications out there, but do not exaggerate them. Apply for jobs you are qualified for.

Using Poor and Informal Language

A poorly done application leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Avoid grammar mistakes and use language that fits the job you are applying for.


Job searching can be a challenging task especially when one is a beginner. the thing to remember is that every job needs something different and when you apply, you should adopt your resume to the requirements of each. Do not limit yourself when it comes to looking for a job. One way to modernise your job search is to do it online. There are a number of popular job websites that allow you to find the job you want online.
Examples include jooble which lists jobs from all over the world. It makes it possible for a person in one country to see and even apply for jobs in another country. LinkedIn is a platform that connects professionals. It allows you to connect with other employees, get mentors and find employment opportunities. Another popular one is Glassdoor, which not only allows you to view available positions, it also contains anonymous reviews of companies so you can make an informed choice.

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